Are you seeing molds forming on your carpet after a flooding or plumbing incident? Then you need to dry your carpet immediately.

To be frank, you shouldn’t have waited till now to dry it. When you notice any moisture on your carpet, you should bring out all your tools and get all the moisture out of your carpet as soon as possible.

Now that you know, what will you do to get your carpet cleaned out? This post will carefully go through the steps you should follow to dry your carpet after water damage.

Steps to dry your carpet after water damage

Follow these steps as soon as you notice any form of moisture on your carpet:

1. Locate the source of the water

Yes, you might want to get into drying the carpet immediately, but if you don’t find where the water is coming from, you will keep having the same problem. Usually, water damage on carpets is caused by human error or a burst pipe. Find the source and cut it off as soon as you can.2. Limit all traffic to the affected area

2. Limit all traffic to the affected area

When you have water on your carpet, the last thing you want is people making it worse by stepping all over the affected area. So instead, use a chair or something noticeable to block all access to that area before you can get down to clean it.

3. Use a Shop Vacuum Cleaner

Shop vacuum cleaners are more suitable for liquid cleaning and have a more robust electric motor than regular vacuum cleaners. Depending on the water damage, you may need to use a shop vacuum cleaner and an absorbent towel. You can use only an absorbent towel to clean the damage in not-so-serious cases.

4. Use Baking Powder

Baking powder can help you get the moisture out of your carpet quickly. Just sprinkle it all over the affected area and let it sit for about an hour. After that, use the vacuum to get it out of the carpet, with the moisture absorbed.

5. Use a Humidifier

You should consider getting a humidifier if you live in a house with constant water damage. However, if water damage to your carpet is a one-time thing, you may need to rent one.

6. Take it outside to dry.

Sun drying is a surefire method of getting all the leftover moisture. Leave it outside to dry for as long as possible. Sun drying dries your carpet and kills every living organism that might have started growing in your carpet due to the moisture in it.

You will also get rid of mold by sun drying your carpet.

7. Access Damage to Your Carpet Padding

Your carpet padding is that piece of material underneath the carpet. It is often made of other materials like nylon, fiber, and foam.

Check your carpet padding to see if the water has damaged it. You may have to replace the padding entirely if there is significant damage


Drying your carpet can be challenging, but it is possible if you follow the tips in this article. However, remember to always call a professional to help find and repair the leak’s source before you start any work on the carpet.

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