If you live in a riverine area, there is a good chance you may have water incidents once in a while. Water damage to your house could damage the structure of the house. It could also cause molds, which bring a foul smell.

Water damage can be caused by a burst or leaky pipe, severe weather conditions, etc. . When it happens, it often affects ceilings, walls, and floors, meaning you may have to replace these parts.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to find signs of water damage and deal with the issue before it gets out of hand. This guide will look at 7 signs that tell you that there is water damage in your house. If you see these signs, don’t hesitate to take steps to rectify the situation.

Signs of Water Damage in Your House

  • Water Stains around the house

If your house has been affected by water, you’ll see water stains everywhere. Most times, you find them on walls and ceilings. Water stains are yellowish rings and are easy to spot. As soon as you notice them, try to identify the leak and deal with it.

  • Swollen drywall

Sometimes, your drywall might be the victim of water damage in your house. When your drywall absorbs water, it expands and becomes swollen. If you pop this “bubble,” it brings water sometimes.

  • Sound of water dripping around the house

Sometimes, you will hear water dripping from the walls or ceilings. This water could be from a burst or leaky pipe and is often a sign of severe water damage. If this happens, you should call an emergency plumber to help deal with it immediately.

  • Growth of mold around the house

It is not a good sign when you walk around your property and see molds everywhere. In fact, most people see it as a water hazard to have molds grow in the corners of their walls and ceilings. When you see this, you should investigate the cause and try to deal with it immediately.

  • Roof Damage

Broken or missing shingles in the roof could be a bad sign. Often, it is a sign that it has been damaged by water. Sometimes, shingle particles flow to the gutters and clog them. If you see more than one broken or missing shingle on your roof, find the cause and deal with it.

  • Damp Walls

What do you feel when you move your palms across the walls inside and outside your home? If they feel damp, your house has been hit with a severe water situation.

Sometimes, it may not be that serious, as severe rain might dampen your external wall. However, if there has been no rain and you feel wetness on your wall, there is a cause for worry.

  • Smell of humidity

Keep your nose active at all times, and sometimes, they could tell you when there is water damage to your house. The distinct smell of humidity or dampness could tell you that there has been water damage in your house.


When you notice water damage in your house, don’t worry. It might have been caused by an uncommon occurrence, like heavy rains. Still, you should try to find the cause of the water damage and deal with it before it becomes severe.

If you are unsure how to deal with it, you can call an expert to help. The expert will find the source of the damage and take steps to stop the damage. Then, you might have to repair or replace the damaged areas, like the walls or ceilings.

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