It’s not normal for your kitchen sink to clog up multiple times in one month. If your sink blocks twice a week, there’s some trouble going on.

A blocked kitchen drain doesn’t just slow down your chores, it degrades your entire plumbing system, bit by bit. Here are some common habits that encourage sink blockages, and how to avoid them.

You need proper waste disposal

Recycling waste is great, but do you pay attention to your organic waste too? Your kitchen should have two separate waste boxes; one for recyclable plastics and another for organic waste, which can become compost.

Having a designated trash bag will help you and your family avoid throwing pasta and other food remnants down the drain. Typically, these remnants absorb moisture and become clogs.

Someone tried to wash their hair in the kitchen sink

There’s a right time and place for everything. The kitchen sink is just not the right place to wash your hair. Washing your hair in the kitchen sink will make it clog sooner or later unless you use a drain catcher.

While a drain catcher might catch most of the fallouts, some strands may still get through. If you have thick hair, this may be enough to slow down your drainage and eventually form a clog.

You’re throwing coffee down the drain

Your kitchen sink may still get blocked even with organic waste disposal. This may be because you have a diet rich in greasy foods like cheeseburgers.

This grease coats the insides of pipes, making them narrower and more clog-prone.

Your pipe wasn’t fixed properly in the first place

If you’ve been doing none of the above, but still get regular clogs in your kitchen sink, you ought to call a plumber. There might be a problem with how your pipes were installed.

While your plumber arrives, check for any leaks or irregularities around your kitchen pipes. Don’t attempt to fix the pipes yourself. This may cause an accident or a kitchen flood.

There’s more dirt than your pipes can handle

If you get fruits directly from a farm, you may notice more kitchen dirt than other people that shop from a mall. You can easily fix this by cleaning the fruits and veggies properly before bringing them into the house.

The fault isn’t from your kitchen sink at all

Maybe the problem isn’t from your kitchen sink, but the entire drainage system. In such a case, you may notice that other sinks and drains get clogged every other week. You need a professional plumbing service to fix this.

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