Have you ever had a problem with your dishwasher and not know if to call the plumber or electrician? Well, we’re here to clear the air.

Several appliances have a bit of electricity and plumbing. For example, a water heater, dishwasher, or washing machine are household appliances that may need a plumber and/or electrician’s attention.

You may have to identify what part of the appliance is faulty before making that call. Call your emergency plumber right away if you experience any of these common appliance problems.

Leaky faucets

A leaky faucet is your plumber’s business. The problem may be as simple as a few failing tap parts, or it may be because of a bigger problem like too high water pressure, or contaminated water, especially if your faucet comes with a filter. Hard water may also be ruining your kitchen appliances.

Typically, your faucet’s durability depends on the material it’s made of, and its quality. A high-quality faucet can last over a decade.

Faulty washing machines

It’s a bit more tricky with a washing machine. Your washing machine is more likely to have a plumbing-related fault than an electric one. First of all, many washing machine faults can be tied to water pressure. If the water your machine receives is too fast, it may destroy even the electrical components. In this case, replacing the component will not stop the damage, only cost you more money.

A plumber can also spot wear and tear on the machine’s plumbing parts. For example, we can spot a leaky or burst pipe and even strained plumbing work.

Faulty water heaters

If you have a gas water heater, the decision is easy. However, if you use the more modern electric water heaters, you may be torn.

Professional plumbers know the intricate workings of a water heater and can detect a water heater more accurately than anyone else. Your water heater may be suffering from a leak, a blown fuse, or simple aging. Even if the problem happens to be wiring related, your plumber will be able to fix it. A plumber will do a more thorough job for your water heater.

Spoilt Ice makers

Yes, your fridge is an electrical appliance. Your plumber won’t fix your fridge or freezer, but if it has an ice maker attached, you should call your plumber to fix that part.

Your ice maker has its water line, and this connection can get leaky or clogged. When you change your fridge, you should reconnect your ice maker, or else it may develop a fault.

Your plumber can examine your ice maker and tell you if it is redeemable. If it’s not, you can change your icemaker without changing your fridge.

Running toilets and clogged drains

Of course, running toilets and clogged drains are your plumber’s specialty. Your plumber can fix any kind of drain, even if it is on an electric device.

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