Water damage to your house can be devastating. It affects significant parts of your home, like the ceiling, floors, and walls. If it is very severe, it might affect the house’s foundation. Still, you shouldn’t worry about it too much.

You can take steps when flooding or other significant water damage affects your house. This guide will help you know how you can find the cause of the damage and rectify it. You will also learn what you can do to restore or repair parts that may have been damaged.

Steps to take after water damage to your home

When you find that there has been water damage to your home, take the following steps:

  • Find the source of the damage

If you don’t find the cause of those water stains or horrible smells, you might face more problems from that source. Finding the source might be tricky if you are not an expert, but you can do it.

First, locate the damage and determine if any pipes pass that route. If there are pipes, find out if anyone is burst or leaky. Next, check if there are windows around that area. Windows could allow rain to come in and damage parts of the house.

Sometimes, the cause of the water damage might be apparent—for example, a flood.

  • Deal with the cause of the damage

If the cause is a burst or leaky pipe, fix it or call an experienced emergency plumber to fix it. If it is a window that allows rain in, remember to shut the window when rain falls or shut it completely.

If you’ve reached this stage, remember that you have done most of the hard work.

  • Protect Yourself, your Family, and your valuables

If the flooding is severe, you need to keep your family and other essential valuables safe. Check to see that your pet is okay. Also, check your food storage and other vital parts of your house.

  • Prepare for Repair and Restoration

Depending on the part of the house that has been damaged, you can take different steps to repair it.

If your drywall has taken some water damage, You may have to cut the damaged part out and replace it with a new part. You may also have to replace shingles and ceiling boards if necessary. Floors are often easier to restore, especially if they are made of tile.

Repair as much as you can and replace the rest.   

  • Call Your Insurance Company if the damage is very severe

Call your insurance company if the damage to your house is severe and causes damage to your property. If your property is covered, the company will send someone to handle the repair and restoration.


Water damage to your house can be devastating, but with the proper steps, you can push through it. Find the cause of the damage, deal with it and repair damaged parts of the house. Don’t forget to call the insurance company.

If you aren’t sure how to do any of these, consider calling a professional to help with it.

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