4 Tell-Tale Signs That Indicate You Need To Replace The Roof

The roof is a vital part of your home as it offers protection for your family and belongings against the harsh elements. Unfortunately, though it serves a big purpose, it is the most neglected, too. Out of sight, out of mind.

Like most homeowners, the only time you may think about your roof is when it begins to leak. But by then, you could be facing bigger issues. For best results, don’t wait for leaks before taking action. Waiting for escalation equates to more complex problems that cost more money. Get a roof inspection to ensure you can extend the life of your roof with repairs. These 4 tell-tale signs indicate that you need roof repairs or replacement.

1.Watch Out for Particles on the Floor or Gutters

Calling a roofing company will help prevent accidents. When you notice granules forming in your gutters and floors, it could be a sign to call a roofer. Shingles deteriorate over time due to exposure to environmental elements. Old and weak roof materials normally shed particles. Thus, if you see an influx of debris, don’t wait for a major problem before seeking help.

On top of that, cleaning your roof gutters should be part of every home’s maintenance plan. Several things could lead to clogs that result in damage, cutting your roof’s normal lifespan. Examples are:

          • Leaves blow by the wind
          • Pollen that grows into a plant
          • Twigs carried by tiny animals
          • Accumulated dust and debris

2.Evaluate the State of the Roofing Shingles

Due to constant exposure to water and temperature changes, shingles normally undergo continuous expansion and contraction. When your roof is nearing its lifespan, it can no longer efficiently accommodate these changes. As a result, they buckle or curl up due to material decay.

The worst problem is when shingles become loose and separate from the frame. They can break due to strong winds and fall on someone. Moreover, when you notice bald spots on your roof due to missing shingles, rainwater can seep in. You may end up dealing with mold and mildew growth. Eventually, you will experience a leak that can lead to water damage. Don’t wait for this to happen. The moment you see buckling, curling, or missing shingles, get your roof examined.

3.Keep an Eye on the Color

When your roof morphs into a different shade, it shows that your roof is deteriorating fast. Apart from affecting the curbside appeal of your property, it indicates weakening of the materials. Assessing color is not mere vanity but a necessity. When it turn into a different shade, watch out for leaks. Seek immediate repairs to reinforce weak spots. You may also start saving for a roof replacement as color changes equates to material degradation, indicating it’s nearing the end of its life.

4.Notice Roofing Work on Nearby Properties

Typically, home builders construct properties in a specific locality at once to get bulk savings on supplies. If your neighbors have begun repairing or replacing their roofs, you may need the same service, too. Before your roof shows damage, call a reputable roofing company for an inspection. Remember, your roof is constantly exposed to rains, sun rays, wind, and snow. It bears the brunt of it all, so it deserves your TLC and maintenance. We service several cities in California.Please see service locations: Pomona, Fresno, Inglewood, Lancaster, Long Beach, Modesto, Orange, Palmdale.

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