Repairing broken water pipes does not require digging deep into your sewer lines and trying to replace them anymore. Luckily for homeowners, leaving your yard untouched while putting the damaged pipes in a better condition is now possible. You may be wondering how. Well, Pipe Relining, of course.

What is Pipe Relining

Pipe Relining is a way of repairing damaged water pipes without digging. Instead, using a technologically advanced method known as Cured in Place Piping (CIPP). The CIPP method involves repairing a pipe from the inside by using a special resin, which cures over time, creating an even stronger pipe during its process.  While Pipe Relining is a great method for pipe repair, only a professional plumber can recommend this damage repair method.

The key to effective Pipe Relining is creating a stronger pipe by injecting resin in the damaged pipe using a resin felt tube. Forming a stronger pipe is only possible when the resin cures, lasting for a very long time.

5 Benefits of Pipe Relining

Pipe relining is unarguably a better option compared to the traditional digging method. It comes with some benefits, which makes it a more suitable option for all pipe repair conditions. These are some of the benefits of pipe relining;

  • Cost-Effective

The cost of pipe relining is relatively low. Since no concrete penetration or trench digging is required, you don’t have to bear the cost of heavy-duty equipment, refilling trenches, and cleaning the work area.

  • Quick and Easy

Relining takes little time to be completed. No extra manpower is needed and the whole process is effortless, especially when it is being done by a professional plumbing service. Dealing with inaccessible areas is also easier using this method.

  • Durable

The resin provides an extra coating for your weak pipes, leaving you with a two-in-plumbing unit. In most cases, the epoxy resin tends to be stronger than the initially installed pipe.

  • Safe

Unlike the traditional trench digging process, the chances of accidents caused by a disrupted floor surface are drastically reduced. Occupants can move freely without disturbing the repair process and vice versa.

  • Increased flow capacity

The epoxy liner has a smooth surface and is free from obstructions that reduce the flow of water. After relining your water pipes, be expecting a better and smoother water flow.

How is Pipe Relining done?

Timely pipe repair is essential in reducing the intensity of the damage. The good news is you can get your pipes fixed in the space of 24 hours by simply reaching out to our emergency plumbing services. The whole process is quick and not as onerous as the traditional repair process.

Here is a step by step process in relining of water pipes;

1. Pipe inspection and measurement

Closely observing the extent of pipe damage is the first step in pipe relining. The Forced Electron Leak Location equipment is used to closely assess your plumbing system for blockages and damages. This way, coming up with a solution is possible.

2. Cleaning and unblocking

The pipe is cleaned and all blockages removed to allow for easy water flow. Afterward,the pipe walls are prepared for resin application using a high-pressure water jet.

3. Saturating the pipe with epoxy resin

The length of your pipes is then filled with epoxy resin, which forms the stronger pipe after curing. This step gets trickier when dealing with T-sections.

4. Curing the resin

Curing can be done in two ways; leaving it to cure manually or accelerating the process by using hot water. Either method works – it just depends on how quickly you want the lining cured.

5. Cutting junctions and inspection pits

Junctions are removed easily using robot cutters. However, inspection pits can only be cut using surface-level cutters or grinders.

6. Final inspection

Our pipe relining services ensures that all relined pipes are fully inspected using a drain inspection camera. The final inspection includes testing to see if relined pipes are completely sealed.

Final Verdict

You can never go wrong with pipe relining. Saving all that money and energy spent on digging trenches sure feels good. Do not hesitate to contact our expert pipe relining service that keeps your entire plumbing unit in the best condition possible.

 Remember, acting quickly is the only way to reduce the effect of your pipe damage. More damage means more cost to incur.

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