clogged drain can quickly become a problem – if you do not clean the drain pipe and the water cannot drain away, the sink, wash basin, shower or bathtub can no longer be used.

Reasons why drains clog?

Whenever the water drain no longer runs smoothly due to a blockage in the pipe, there is a risk of clogging. The causes are almost always things that have no place in a drain: leftover food, toiletries, or other items that get stuck in the pipe , ultimately clogging it.

The smaller the diameter and the sharper the kinks in the pipe, the easier it is for it to clog. Nevertheless, caution is required not only with an angled siphon, but with every drain.

Prevent drain clog

A drain that doesn’t clog in the first place is of course always better than having to clean a clogged drain. Because even if the cleaning with household agents or chemical cleaners succeeds, it is anything but pleasant work. So take proper precautions right from the start and don’t wash down anything that will cause problems in the long term . You should also clean all drains in the house regularly.

The most common causes of a clogged drain include leftover food, toiletries, hair, and building materials such as paint or plaster of paris.

Regardless of whether they end up in the sink when washing up or are washed down in the toilet after eating: Leftover food always carries the risk of clogging the drainpipes. In the sink in particular, this quickly creates an unpleasant odor that penetrates from the drain and overflow. Also liquid fat , which hardens in the cool outflow pipe, often leads to problems .

Put in the sink a sieve one to collect leftovers and discard food scraps in the garbage instead of in the toilet. Instead of dumping the fat in the sink, wipe the fat off the pan with a paper towel and throw it in the trash.

Home remedies for clogged drains

Sometimes even the best precautions won’t prevent a blockage from occurring. In this case, only one thing helps: Don’t wait too long, but clean the pipe if you have slight drainage problems. Because the more time you let go, the bigger the blockage becomes. As a first step, if you have drainage problems, try rinsing with hot water.

Before using chemical pipe cleaners, it is worth trying simple home remedies if the drain is clogged. In addition to the well-known classics for drain blockages such as salt, baking soda and vinegar, cola, washing-up liquid and the use of hot water can also help with a blocked drain.

These home remedies are often sufficient and also have a significantly lower impact on the environment and your wallet. Last but not least, strong chemical drain cleaners can damage the pipes . Whenever possible, you should avoid the chemical club. Another advantage: These home remedies can be found in every household.

No home remedy helps? – Hire the certified emergency professional now!

Often cleaning with home remedies is unfortunately only a temporary solution for a blocked drain or even unsuccessful in the case of stubborn blockages. In order to effectively solve the problem once and for all, professional pipe cleaning by a specialist company is advisable. We are a provider in many cities in Texas and Maryland. Check out our locations here: Tyler, Wichita Falls, Harlingen, Huntsville, Baltimore, Rockville, Bowie.

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