Everyone looks forward to spring because it means the dreaded bitter cold is about to end. When flowers bloom, you just feel a lot more positive seeing the fresh, vibrant colors. Spring also means summer is around the corner, a perfect time to frolic on the beach or pool. Although warmer weather offers a lot of fun opportunities, don’t forget that it also increases the possibility of water damage.

Expect spring showers and thunderstorms. As a result, water damage is imminent if you don’t prepare your home. Although harsh storms are seasonal threats, harsher weather conditions wreak more havoc so you ought to take this matter seriously.  For this reason, you must make sure the damaging effects of spring showers and eventual summer storms won’t adversely impact your property. Here’s what you need to do:

Prioritize Roof Maintenance

Make sure ice dams over the winter did not damage your roof by having it inspected by a professional for water damage. When the rains come, your roof must be strong enough to withstand heavy showers and storms, along with winds and lightning. Hence, your roof must have no missing shingles, dirty gutters, dislodged flashing, holes, cracks, etc.

Roof maintenance is vital to prevent water damage. Seeking professional help is crucial to ascertain things are done correctly. When your roof is secure, you will have peace of mind. You know that your roof won’t accumulate water or leak, resulting in water gushing down the walls or damaging the rest of the roofing structure. Instead, rainwater will flow freely down clean gutters that are properly attached to the house.

Clear Out Unruly Trees

When prepping for the new season, don’t merely focus attention on your house. Make it a priority to evaluate your immediate surroundings to check for potential risks. If you have potted plants, make sure they’re secure against strong winds. Similarly, big trees must also be properly prepared against severe weather. Thus, it is vital to prune trees and remove dead branches. The latter can readily break with even just a small gust of wind. When this flies into your roof during a storm, it will create a hole in the roof causing a leak and eventual water damage. If you are unsure how to do this, call a professional to handle it. Staying proactive means you have one less thing to fret over when the rainy season starts.

Test Out the Sump Pump

Give your sump pump a dry run before inclement weather starts. It is important to test it out to make sure it works. Mud, dust, dirt, and other debris could be stuck inside. This will impede water flow when you need it most against a flood. Take care of this tool and maintain it well because it will protect your house against potential flooding. Water intrusion will result in a lot of costly water damage.

If you do encounter water damage due to showers and rains, don’t wait for it to escalate before taking action. Call a professional water restoration service right away. When it comes to water damage, timing is everything. If you wait too long, the water will seep through, resulting in more complicated problems.

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