What should you do if a water pipe bursts in your house creating a mini-waterfall and flooding an area of your home? In this scenario, you must act fast. The longer you wait, the more severe the water damage in your property. When an emergency like this happens, presence of mind is key. For this reasons, you need to learn what to in case of a burst water pipe. Check out the following tips below to help you act fast because time is of the essence.

Shut Off the Main Waterline Valve

The first thing you have to do is close the shut-off valve. Look for the local shut-off valve to turn-off water in one specific area only. If you don’t know where the localised shut-off valve to the fixture is, you have to turn-off the main waterline valve. This will cut off the water in your whole house. Usually, the main valve is found outside the home next to the water meter. If it’s not there, you can also find it in the basement at an eye-level or it could be in the 1st floor on the ground. Typically, builders but the shut-off valve in the main ground level bathroom or right next to it.

Call Water Damage Restoration Pros for Help

After shutting the water source, call the pros for help. This is not something you can readily DIY because they need to fix the pipes and address the damages to your property. Seek help from a reputable company offering 24/7 emergency services. With their expert help, you can mitigate exacerbation because water can seep through your things resulting in warped baseboards, loose tiles, or damage structure. Don’t take this problem lightly and seek profession guidance for complete peace of mind.

Document the Damage For Insurance

As you are waiting for the pros to arrive, document the damage caused by the errant pipe. Take pictures and videos of everything. Do closeup shots of valuables.  These things will serve as evidence for your homeowner’s insurance. Staying proactive with this allows you to file a claim for coverage, which will help you and your family get back on your feet.

Salvage Things That Can Be Saved

Once you’re done taking pictures, peruse the items and take out the most important ones from the stack. Dry them off and try to preserve as much as you can. Drag them away from moisture so they can begin drying out.

Start the Drying Process

Finally, while waiting for the pros, you can begin the drying process. Thankfully, water from your waterlines are clean so you don’t have to worry about sewer water. However, the flowing water may have disturbed the dust and debris in your carpets and floorboards. So be prepared with gloves as you use buckets to dump out the water. Then, blot out as much as you can with old towels. You can also turn on an electric fan or open windows to promote air circulation. This will hasten drying and deter mold and mildew growth.

Professionals are the only ones qualified to fix the burs pipes and subsequent damage. And remember, pipes don’t just suddenly burst. You will usually see red flags like bubbling paint, weird noises in plumbing, musty odor, caving ceiling, peeling wallpaper, or water stains. Pay attention to tese things so you can nip any issues in the bud. call a plumber.

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