Each day, your home’s pipes work rigorously and continuously without rest. They bear the pressure when you shower, flush, wash hands, brush teeth, run the washer, etc. With massive amounts of water moving in these pipes, you can expect wear and tear. However, with proper use, you can extend the life span of your pipes and prevent cracks, leaks, or bursts. Here’s what you can do to slow pipe damage.

Establish the Right Water Pressure

Ascertain you’ve got the correct water pressure level. A harsh flow will thin out your pipes faster and result in damaged joints. Make sure your PSI is below 85 to preserve your pipes. You can ask your plumber to install a gauge for easy checking.

Say No to Chemical Pipe Cleaners

Chemical pipe and drain cleaners contain harsh and toxic chemicals. Unfortunately, they cannot decipher between a clog and pipe materials. Although they clear out blocked drains, they can also damage your pipes. Frequent and improper use will harm your pipes. They’re also bad for human health. Switch to natural caustic cleaners like vinegar and baking soda mixture.

Flush Responsibly

Don’t flush items randomly in your toilet. It’s not a garbage can! The only things that belong there are body waste and items designed for flushing like toilet paper or tampons. Things like wipes, sanitary pads, toys, etc. must not be flushed. They will create buildup and choke points that adversely impact the right water pressure, resulting in cracks, leaks, or bursts.

Deal With Slow Drains Immediately

Finally, sluggish drains suggest you’ve got a clog in your drain pipe system. Any form of block equates to uneven pressure. As a result, you wear out your pipes faster. Thus, if you see a slow drain, deal with it immediately using a plunger or snake drain. If these don’t work, call a certified plumber. Remember, slow drains don’t magically stop. They will only worsen with time so fix it right away to avoid exacerbation.

Seek Regular Pro Drain Cleansing

It is natural for debris to accumulate in pipes. With sediment buildup, pipes naturally work harder. Because of this, the interiors will thin out faster, crack, and leak. Avoid this issue by investing in annual professional drain cleaning. This keeps your pipes in pristine condition while preventing leaks and clogs. Call a plumber.

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