An emergency leaking pipe or a sudden appliance malfunction can cause extensive water damage when not addressed quickly. Unfortunately, these instances mean you cannot just sit idly by and wait for the plumber. Thus, it’s vital to know easy fixes so you can mitigate damage and expenses. Check out three easy plumbing fixes to prevent a plumbing catastrophe.

Address a Pipe Leak

Big or small, the key is plugging the pipe leak ASAP because you don’t want water to damage your property. Even the smallest hole can escalate rapidly. Start by shutting off the water valve to impede water flow. You’ll find it underneath the sink or toilet. If there’s no valve, turn off the main water supply outside the house.

After, buy materials to plug the leak. For instance, epoxy works well for iron pipes while a clamp is a magical solution for PVC or copper pipes. However, bear in mind that these are temporary. You still need a professional plumber to proffer a permanent fix.

Fix a Leaky Joint

When you’ve got leaking pipe joints or connections, start by cutting the water source. Then, buy an elastic sleeve from the hardware. You need this to wrap around the area. Since joints are usually angled, they can be tricky to fix. Make sure the wrap is secure and tight to plug out leaks.

Moreover, you can strengthen the connection with duct tape. This is a temporary fix until your plumber comes. Since water will always flow where there is minimal resistance, it will eventually loosen your wrap over time. Thus, call for a plumber and don’t wait for a burst pipe.

Seal Any Cracks

Ceramic tubs, showers, commodes, and sinks can experience cracks. Sometimes, it’s because you dropped something or it could be normal wear and tear. This is a problem when your vessel is loaded with water. Thus, when your toilet receptacle has a crack, avoid floods by shutting the valve.

After, use plumbers putty to coat the crack. This works remarkably well for all ceramics to prevent leaks. Putty naturally resists water and it can hold out for long. For best results, apply caulk as a supportive seal. This is a money-saving tip to prevent expensive replacements. Of course, fixtures have a natural lifespan, so you may need an upgrade eventually. You can call your plumber for new installations. 

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