Electrical shocks can happen from something as simple as mishandling a light bulb repair to your toddler putting a pair of scissors inside an electrical outlet. If you want to prevent electrical shocks, getting an annual inspection of your electrical systems is the answer. Contact a licensed electrician to spot problems with your circuit breakers, receptacles, or wiring. Remember, prevention is always better than a cure. You cannot be complacent with your home’s wiring to prevent electrical shocks and fires. It is vital to protect your family at all costs.

Electrical Shocks Vary Depending on Several Factors

You may have experienced an electrical shock when you plugged an appliance with wet wands. The danger from an electrical shock depends on the following conditions:

  • The type of current

  • How high the voltage

  • How the current traversed through the bod

  • The person’s overall health

  • How fast the person receives treatment

In minor cases, electrical shocks will result in tingling in the skin and leave no visible marks. However, it can also result in burns, leaving blisters, wounds, and scars. The worst-case scenario is when a high-powered current passes through the body. As a result, it causes internal damage leading to heart arrhythmia, cardiac arrest, or other injuries. In certain cases, like the person who has a pacemaker, even a small amount of electricity can be fatal.

When to Seek Emergency Care

It is vital for a person who has been severely injured by electrical contact to be evaluated by a doctor. Do not touch the injured person if he or she is still holding the faulty equipment because the human body is a conductor. Turn off the main power line right away. It is advisable not to move the person unless there is imminent danger.

  • Presence of severe burns

  • Difficulty in breathing

  • Mental confusion

  • Problems with heart rhythm

  • Signs of cardiac arrest or heart attack

  • Onset of seizures

  • Muscle pain and contractions

  • Loss of consciousness

Call for emergency services if the source of the electrocution is a high-voltage wire. Again, never go near the source until all the power is turned off. This will cut off the electricity and any sparking will cease. Take note of the following signs of a bad case of electrical shock:

What to Do While Waiting for Help

Turn of the electric source if the culprit is a specific receptacle. Go to your circuit breaker to cut off the problematic area. Apart from calling 911, reach out to your electrician for emergency services to prevent further escalation that can lead to an electrical fire.

If the source is an object, like a hairdryer, move the person away using a dry and nonconducting material. You can wear rubber gloves or use cardboard or plastic. If the person shows no signs of movement, you must immediately perform CPR while waiting for help to arrive. Once breathing, take warm blankets and prevent the onset of chills.

However, take care not to cover any burnt areas because the fibers or towels and blankets can stick to the burnt flesh causing more damage. This scenario sounds grim and scary, but it is preventable with proper home maintenance. Avoid electrical shocks and fires with an annual electrical inspection. You owe it to your loved ones to keep them and your home safe. We service many cities in Colorado and Connecticut. Check out our locations here: Aurora, Boulder, Brighton, Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins, Bridgeport, Greenwich, Hartford, New Haven and Norwalk.

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