If you constantly lament over your sky-high electric bills, it is understandable why you want to mitigate energy loss and optimize power consumption. Although using candles instead of lights will make things cheaper, it is certainly not the most practical solution. Candles are also a fire hazard when unattended. When you want to lower your utility bills, seeking an electrician’s help for an inspection to ensure everything is up to code is one of the answers. On top of that, check out these five eco-friendly tips to conserve power.

Shift to Smart Tech

From a smart thermostat to lights, these gadgets are rated to be more energy-efficient. Modern devices provide the same benefits while minimizing energy consumption with their innovative tech. Besides, you can program smart gadgets to turn on/off when not in use. For example, when you are out of the house, your thermostat can automatically lower the ambient temperature to save on power. Similarly, smart lights with sensors will only turn on when you’re in the room. These little things will add up in the long run.

TuneUp the HVAC

One of the best energy-saving tips, if you’re concerned about electricity consumption, is tuning up your HVAC. Have this serviced annually to ensure that it’s in optimal condition. When something is amiss, your system will work extra hard to compensate. As a result, it will consume too much power. Most importantly, make it a habit to change your filters monthly. This will save you a lot of money in the long haul.

Pay Attention to Laundry

Most homeowners forget about their laundry. One of the smartest things you can do to save on power is to never overload the machine. Always set the settings properly with the correct weight and water ratio to ensure the machine works correctly. Most of all, using the eco-saving mode will help you save on both water and electricity. Finally, always use cool water. Apart from making sure your clothes don’t wear out fast in heated water, it will save you tons of money too.

Seal Up the Home

Another energy-saving tip is to ensure drafts do not come into your home. Check if you’re home seals are compromised by using the feather technique. Hold up the feather on the door and window edges to see if it will move. If there’s no draft, the feather will keep still. Keep in mind, more outside air coming into your home is bad for your electric bill because it will keep your HVAC hard at work. Seal up your doors and with weather stripping and caulk up any holes or cracks on the walls.

Save by Disconnecting Electronics

Finally, if you want to save on power, keep your electronics off when they’re not in use. When you go out for the day, make it a habit to completely shut down your TV, computer, sound system, and other electronic gadgets. If they’re plugged into a power cord, you can shut off the wire itself. Electronic gadgets that are plugged in and on standby mode will consume a lot of electricity. Even chargers that are plugged become energy vampires that suck electricity. Just imagine how much watts these waste every month. With the number of gadgets in a modern home, all of these will compound. We service many cities in Georgia. Check out our locations here: Athens, Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Macon and Savannah.

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