Assuring your pool stays clean can be quite difficult. You need to vacuum, skim, clean, and balance the chemicals. At times, it can even feel like a full-time job because you can never be complacent with pool hygiene. Thankfully, some methods help you optimize your pool’s sanitation, assuring you keep it clean longer. Here are some hacks that help you maintain your pool, resulting in crystal clear waters.

Always Check the Chemistry

Your pool should not just look nice but it should be chemically balanced too. This is something you can never compromise. Otherwise, your pool will develop algae and the water will become foggy. By then, your problem becomes more complex. Instead of waiting for visible issues, be vigilant about testing your pool water so you can correct mistakes and add more chemicals to neutralize bacteria and other harmful substances early on.

Invest in a Good Quality a Pool Cover

A sturdy pool cover can go a long way in retaining heat, which minimizes water and chemical evaporation. It also maximizes safety for kids and pets. Best of all, it will keep your pool clean because you can ward off dirt, dust, and debris. Cleaning them all off will be time-consuming and hard on your filter. With a sturdy pool cover, you can block off unwanted stuff, saving your resources.

Check the Pool Filter

Your pool filter has the hard task of cleaning the water round the clock. If your filter conks out, it will adversely impact water quality. It’s akin to an aquarium that instantly becomes murky with gunk when the filter breaks down. For this reason, you must always check your pool filter. Clean out the debris and change the cartridge when necessary. This will keep everyone in the water safe and your wallet protected from filter machine breakage.

Skim the Water Diligently

Even if you have a pool cover, you will still have to deal with the debris. After all, stuff flies around in the environment while you swim. All of this debris will throw off your water’s chemistry, resulting in the multiplication of microorganisms and leading to dirty water. For best results, skim your pool to optimize cleanliness. This combined with an efficient filter will give you pristine waters.

Schedule Harder Chores

Don’t forget to factor in the harder tasks like pool vacuuming and scrubbing the pool walls. This also includes shocking with other chemical treatments. All of these will help your pool stay fresh and clean. Though you don’t have to perform these tasks as often as the others, doing them occasionally ensures grime and gunk don’t build up.

However, if all of these seem time-consuming for your busy schedule, you can always pay for pool maintenance services. Paying a professional to keep your pool clean and the water balanced assures your water will stay crystal clear during the summer season. With your pool free from algae, bacteria, and other parasites, you and your family can dive into the water anytime with peace of mind.

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