An electrical fire is vicious because it can escalate so quickly. You cannot put them out with water as it is a conductor which will do more harm than good. Ideally, you should do everything in your power to avoid this scenario. When you notice that something feels off with your electricity, you should call a reputable electrician for inspection right away. Don’t leave anything up to chance. Here’s how you can prevent an electrical fire from raging and damaging your house:

Identify Hazards

If you want to avoid a fire, identify the hazards. This is most likely to occur when there are combustible objects and fuel sources near each other. For these reasons, you must remove electric heaters or appliances near highly flammable things like curtains, furniture, or hair care products. For best results, keep things away from any heating sources. Always secure your curtains so they don’t hang over anything flammable.

Install GFCI

Stay proactive by asking your licensed electrician to install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. This receptacle or outlet is the most updated one that meets the code. Having this circuit breaker in your home will cut the flow of electricity that moment it detects a power imbalance like a ground fault or short circuit. Investing in this device protects you against fires, ensures your appliances function optimally, and prevents your wiring system from going haywire. However, you have to ensure proper installation for it to function optimally, it would also help to get this tested out and maintained regularly for your peace of mind.

Watch Out For Frayed Cords

When cords fray, your appliances, and electronic devices stop working. It is not just an inconvenience but it can be dangerous. A frayed cord will readily overheat and spark, and from there, it can escalate quickly into an electrical fire. Make it a habit to check your cords for signs of wear and tear. This improves the performance of your appliances and keeps you safe. You can also boost functionality by using a well-rated extension cord.

Prioritize Annual Inspections

Electrical inspections are not just for new homes. Older homes need it as well to make sure everything is up to code. Besides, if you experience a storm or flooding, you must also call a reputable electrician to ascertain that there’s no water damage in your electrical system. Water is vicious as it corrodes wires, which will lead to malfunction. If you are serious about preventing electrical fires, have an electrician inspect your wiring regularly.

Remember, most fires occur because older houses are not built with today’s modern safety standards. On top of that, most new appliances eat up more power than your old outlet or electrical system can accommodate. If your house has poor wiring, there is a higher incidence of sparks and short circuits. Should you fail to address the problem, it can lead to an electrical fire. Thus, don’t hesitate to call a trusted electrician to come to your home and do a thorough inspection before tragedy strikes. Protect your family and belongings. When it comes to grave matters like this, you have no room for regret! Please view service locations here: Lincoln, Omaha, Henderson, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Reno.

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