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As a homeowner, you will encounter many different plumbing problems that occasionally make a nuisance. Some plumbing issues are more common and can be easily fixed. Doing the repairs yourselves on these simple plumbing problems can save you tons of money. Take a look at 5 of the most common ones below:

Slow Draining Sink

This is the most common complaint of homeowners, with the sink collecting a lot of hair, grease, debris, and other gunk over time. Unfortunately, the only way to get a smooth flowing drain again is to clear the debris. First, you can use a plumbing tool for fishing out the debris. From there, you can use a store-bought drain cleaner to cleanse the lines.

Sluggish Tub Drain

This is another pesky nuisance since the tub is one of the most used fixtures in your bathroom. Just like the sink drain, hair, soap scum, dead skin cells, and other gunk pool in the drainpipe often. You must pop open the drain cover and use a tub claw to clear the debris. Do this ASAP before the drain clogs up completely. After using the claw, you can pour drain cleaner to refresh the drain lines.

Low Water Pressure

Is someone from your household complaining that there’s low water pressure from the sink? First, check if this issue affects both the hot and cold water lines. If yes, then the problem is the aerator within the sink which may have a lot of sedimentation resulting in low water pressure. This is very easy to fix as you just need to take it out and scrub away the mineral deposits.

Running Toilet

You may have experienced a running toilet, which can be quite annoying because the tank won’t fill up. At the same time, leaving it alone equates to wasting water and spiking up your water bills. For starters, figure out what’s causing it to run. You may need to replace any of the following toilet mechanisms:

  • Toilet fill valve

  • Leaking flush valve

  • Toilet flapper

Malfunctioning Garbage Disposal System

This annoying problem is also high on the list of common plumbing issues. Your unit will come with a nifty key to unjam your machine. But if you lose it, you will need an Allen wrench to fix the problem. You have to go under the sink and look for the spot where you can insert the key. Once you spot it, use your wrench to turn the machine to free the motor. Don’t forget to turn off the system and cut the circuit breaker when working on your garbage disposal system to prevent nasty accidents.

If all of these sound tedious for you, you can always call in a plumber to get professional assistance. Seeking expert help means saving time and effort. You may even end up saving money in the long run because you can rest assured that your simple plumbing problem will not escalate. Just make sure you call a reputable company with licenses and certifications because you will be welcoming strangers in your home. Of course, you have to make sure that you work with someone you can trust. We service several cities in Missouri.Please see service locations: Saint Louis, Saint Charles, Independence, Kansas City, Columbia, Springfield, St. Louis, Jefferson City, Joplin.

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