The word centipede has the word centi meaning one hundred. And indeed, centipedes have lots of legs running from 30 to 300. So the idea that these insects are crawling all over your house could make your skin crawl. These insects typically hide in damp and dark places in the daytime and only become active at night.

Although they do not carry human pathogens, they can cause an allergic reaction in some people and mental duress, especially if they come into your home in large numbers. How can you relax comfortably when you know they are sharing your home with your? Thus, it is understandable why you want this creepy crawlies out of your house. Here are five pest control strategies to keep centipedes at bay:

Seal All the Tiny Holes and Cracks

Though centipedes do not make holes on your walls, they can get in through cracks made by other creatures like termites or wood borers. Thus, assess if you have other pest issues and discuss this with your exterminator. Centipedes can be hard to eradicate because they are good at hiding in crevices and cracks. Hence, the best solution is to make sure they cannot come in at all. Use a caulking gun to create a quick fix in your house because this will readily plug up any holes, gaps and cracks.

Clean Out Gutters to Prevent Wood Rot

Make it a point to clean and clear your gutters so that rain water is continually flowing. This will prevent water from pooling where they are not supposed to be. When water is stagnant, it will soak into the wood and lead to wood rot. Eventually, the wood will cave and crack. As a result, you may end up with issues like a leaking ceiling. And the holes created will invite pests to come inside.

Clear Out Items that Attract Centipedes

If you have items in your home that attract centipedes, you must remove them. Centipedes are predators that like to eat other small insects. They are known as carnivores that feast on other arthropods and invertebrates. Hence, you must remove their prey from your home if you want them gone. 

On top of that, you must also move certain items away from your foundation or near your house. For example, they like hiding under the following:

  • Logs

  • Rocks

  • Other organic materials

  • Clutter outside the home

Put Proper Screening in Place

Make sure your door sweeps and window screens are in good working condition. You must also cover basement floor drains with screens to prevent centipedes from entering your home.

Call for Professional Help

If all else fails, you must call for professional pest control. Do not attempt to stop a centipede invasion with DIY pesticides. They can be ineffective on centipedes. What’s worse is they are dangerous for humans and furry pets when not mixed properly. The most effective method for centipede control is working with a licensed professional. We service many cities in Alabama & Arkanas. Check out our locations here: Auburn, Dothan, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery, Conway, Fort Smith, Jonesboro, Little Rock, North Little Rock and Rogers.

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