The word maggots alone make you want to puke. But to actually have maggot infestations in your home can make you panic. They are not just gross, but they are unhygienic. Hence, you don’t want them in your house, bins, or even yard because they carry E.coli bacteria, which can make you sick.

But fret not! Though you have these nasty home invaders infiltrating your property, you can still get rid of them with simple but effective killing methods. Best of all, you most likely have these common items in your house. So, keep reading to find out these top maggot control hacks that ensure you do not have to suffer through a nasty infestation.

Get to the Root of the Problem

To drive out the maggots, you must cut off the source of infestation. If you spot them in trash bins or other areas in your home, they were most likely brought in by flies. Then, these flies lay eggs on the food items that have been left out. It can be your leftovers, rotting fruit on your table, or even uncovered pet food.

If you notice flies hovering over food, don’t just dump it in your rubbish bean at home. Instead, take it straight to your outdoor dumpster to prevent maggots from multiplying in your house. For best results, you must keep all food items properly to prevent flies from coming into your home to lay the maggot eggs. The thought alone is disgusting enough! Moreover, make it a point to seal in all holes as well like:

  • Damaged screens

  • Open windows

  • Holes in the wall

  • Improperly sealed entryways

Kill By Dousing with Boiling Water

The simplest method to kill maggots is to pour a lot of boiling water over the infestation. It can make a mess, but the heat will certainly kill them instantly. If the issue is in your trash bin, you can take it out to clean. This is a simple but very effective solution. For best results, sprinkle a lot of baking soda to eliminate any foul stench.

Eradicate With Common Home Items

Another way to effectively kill maggots is any of the following: vinegar, lime juice, or salt. These common kitchen items will make them shrivel up and die. The maggots will dehydrate upon contact with any of these elements. Douse the pests with any of these three materials. Then leave them for a bit to work their magic. After a few hours, you can scoop out the disgusting debris and clean the nearby areas.

Utilize Store-Bought Insecticide

Apart from the rubbish bin, you can find maggots in your garden or infiltrating your indoor plants. If you want to keep these annoying slugs away, you must spray these pests with a generous amount of insecticides. Just make sure that you read the packaging so you can administer the chemicals correctly. Alternatively, if you are unsure about the application, you can call for professional pest control. They can administer the correct chemicals safely to ascertain the safety of plants, pets, and family members. We service many cities in Indiana & North Dakota. Check out our locations here: Bloomington, Carmel, Fort Wayne, Gary, Hammond, Indianapolis, Lafayette, Muncie, Syracuse, Terre Haute and Bismarck.

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