Summer time equates to loads of outdoor fun. However, it also means that bugs are in abundance. Do not be surprised if flies, mosquitos, cockroaches, and ants infiltrate your home. If you don’t want unwanted guests to invade your property, chemical pesticides is not your only solution. You can also count on specific flora to keep creepy crawlies away. With strategic use of plants, you can minimize the use of toxic bug sprays. Here are the best plants that do wonders in driving bugs away. Plus, these plants give you an added bonus of visual appeal and great scent.


Basil is a wonder herb that comes in handy. You can use it for many recipes like pastas, stews, pizza, salads, and soups. On top of being an excellent ingredient, basil is a big insect turn off because they don’t like the scent. If you want bugs, especially mosquitoes and flies, away from your home, place pots of basil near your windows and entryways. You don’t’ even need a green thumb to grow basil because they are resilient plants that are super easy to grow.


Lemongrass has a nice citrus scent reminiscent of citronella, which is the staple ingredient of organic bug repellants. Though the human nose loves the scent, it drives mosquitoes insane. So go ahead and plant pots of citronella and keep them all over your house. You will love the fresh, clean scent without a doubt.


The scent of lavender is noted for its stress-relieving and calming properties. Thus, many studies say that it even promotes good sleep. Funny enough, the same scent that humans love drives bugs away. In fact, you will find many store-bought sachets with lavender for your cabinets because they work exceptionally well in turning-off moths. You can also keep potted plants near entryways to keep out moths, fleas, mosquitoes, and even rodents.


These flowers are not only beautiful but they have the power to purify indoor air. They are great at removing toxins. Most importantly, these blooms repel ants, lice, fleas, bedbugs, silverfish, ticks, and roaches. These pretty flowers will make you smile so go head and place them all over your house.


These golden flowers are like a ray of sunshine. They will make any room look positive and vibrant. Best of all, the scent of marigolds drive mosquitoes away. They even repel rodents and rabbit. Hence, they will make a great addition indoors and outdoors. Plant a bed around your house to drive pests while adding to your home’s curbside appeal.


This is a popular flavor for toothpaste, mouthwash, gum, and even ice cream. So many people love the unique taste which leaves a tingling sensation in your taste buds. But the taste and scent of mint that humans love is irritating for mosquitoes. You can diffuse mint essential oils or make your own mint spay by mixing a few drops with vinegar and vodka.


Finally, include rosemary in your herb garden because they drive mosquitoes away. You can keep pots indoors and outdoors. Besides, sprigs of rosemary repel moths and silverfish. On top of that, this is another great herb that you can use for cooking.

However, if you don’t feel like planting or have a serious infestation, you must call a professional exterminator to deal with pest colonies. A reputable service provider can zap them away with eco-friendly chemicals, and help you establish a preventive plan with plants and essential oils. We service many cities in Iowa & Idaho. Check out our locations here: Ames, Council Bluffs, Davenport, Des Moines, Iowa City, Sioux City, Waterloo, West Des Moines, Boise, Idaho Falls and Nampa.

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