There are small harmless ants that pick up a crumb or two from your kitchen floor. However, there are more vicious ants that are intent on destroying your home from the inside and out. These are bigger carpenter ants that can wreak havoc on your foundation. Let’s learn more about them below:

What Are Carpenter Ants?

In fact, they got their unique name because they like to chomp down on wood from your home’s structure to your furniture. Although they do not consume wood the way termites feast on wood; they chew on wood. They also excrete harmful stuff to pave the way for thousands of carpenter ants in their colony. Yikes!

These ants are also bigger, measuring ½ inches to ⅝ inches in size. Unlike termites, where the major warning sign is their droppings, carpenter ants damage the wood, resulting in random particles similar to wood shavings. When you see this, professional pest control assistance is in order.  

How Do They Invade Your Property?

Carpenter ants gravitate to wet wood and moldy ones. Thus, if you’ve got a leak or moisture problem anywhere in your home, these ants will infiltrate that area. They can readily chew their way into your home when the wood is pliant and soft. 

Alternatively, they can also get into your home via cracks, holes, or gaps. Any tiny opening where they can squeeze through can be an entry point. It doesn’t matter where they are because the ants can climb via the wall, pipes, wires, or even a branch. Once they settle indoors, they like to set up their colony near water sources, so watch out for these places:

  • air conditioning systems

  • dishwashers

  • sinks

  • bathrooms

  • bathtubs

  • anywhere with a leak

How to Banish the Infestation?

It’s not simplistic to kill ants because they establish colonies. They have soldier ants that scout for food and worker ants that follow the trail. In addition, the ant queen stays behind in the nest to procreate and multiply. Thus, this is what you must do to kill the carpenter ants:

  • Make a Bait: Set a bait so that the soldier ants can take it back to the nest. This is the easiest way to see where the ant queen lives. You can readily make a sugar bait mixture with baking soda because all ants are attracted to sweets. Later on, baking soda will naturally kill them.

  • Eliminate Pheromone Trails: All ants rely on these scented trails to find food sources. That’s why you usually see a long line of ants. Hence, cleaning surfaces with dish soap and water, white vinegar, or essential oils like tea trill will disrupt their trails.

  • Destroy the Nest: Once you know where the nest is, you can use store-bought boric acid to exterminate the ants. You have to repeat this treatment multiple times to completely eradicate the nest.

If you don’t want to deal with all that hassle, the best solution is professional pest control. Even if you successfully get rid of a carpenter ant nest, you could have more hiding elsewhere. Calling a reputable pest control company can help you kill the pests and prevent them from coming back. Please view service locations here: Miami, Miami Beach, Miami Gardens, Miramar, Ocala, Orlando, Palm Bay, Pembroke Pines, Port St. Lucie, Saint Petersburg, Sanford, Tampa and West Palm Beach.

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