Whoever coined the phrase “don’t let the bedbugs bite” is definitely on to something. You must not let these tiny pests bite you because they can cause red marks and welts. If you get an allergic reaction, it can spread all over your skin. It is definitely not a pretty sight to behold. 

Unbeknownst to most, bedbugs don’t just infiltrate your bed. Though they do love your mattress because that’s where you are and they can feed off of you easily, bedbugs can grow in other areas, too. You can find them on your couch, curtain, towels, and closet. 

Bedbugs are generally nocturnal creatures that generally try to hide during the daytime. These bugs as big as apple seeds typically forage for food at night. However, if you are sitting on a bedbug-infested couch, they will still bite and suck your blood even when the sun is out. If you want to find out where the bedbugs are on your property, take a look at these five signs. 

Seeing the Adult Bedbugs 

Of course, the number one sign that your home is infiltrated with bedbugs is seeing the creatures themselves. Adult bugs are flat, oval, and reddish-brown. If they have just finished eating, they will be engorged with blood and round in shape. 

Meanwhile, newly hatched bugs, also called nymphs, are somewhat sheer or translucent. For this reason, the younger ones are quite hard to see. If you spot adult bedbugs, eradicate them fast or call for pest control services because they grow and multiply fast to establish large colonies. 

Finding Bedbug Eggs

You can also try to see if you can spot bedbug eggs all over your home. They are milky white in color and look like a tiny grain of rice. Mature bugs lay them in the dark. They love to implant the eggs in tiny cracks so they can remain protected and undisturbed until they are ready to hatch. 

Observing Dried Blood

Do you see a lot of red flecks of blood when you wake up? Do you observe these in your clothes or upholstery? If you have no open wound but see these specks of red, it is a clear indicator that you’ve got an active bedbug problem. Worst of all, they’ve been feeding on you as you are their prey. Don’t wait for multiple bite marks before you call the pros. Nip the problem in the bud before things escalate. 

Spotting Shed Bedbug Skin

Bedbugs shed their skin regularly, also known as the exoskeleton. They will do this around five times as they grow and mature. The shed skin looks like an actual bedbug in form. However, the exoskeleton is somehow sheer. And of course, it will not be mobile at all. 

Noticing Bug Excrement

Of course, bedbugs are living creatures that urinate and defecate. It is but natural to see their waste in your bed, upholstery, and other things. You may see thin black streaks or black spots that look like dirt. If you observe this along with the other tell-tale signs above, you’ve clearly got a bedbug infestation. You need to get in touch with our team at https://www.local-pest-control.solutions for complete bedbug treatment and future prevention plans. Please view service locations here: Auburn, Bellingham, Kennewick, Kent, Pasco, Redmond, Renton, Seattle, Tacoma and Yakima.

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