Most people believe that bugs and other pests only proliferate in the warm summer months. However, you still have to worry about pest control when the weather outside is frightful. In fact, you have to stay just as vigilant during the winter season because these creepy crawlies feel more intent on getting inside your home. 

After all, your climate-controlled house offers warm shelter and food when everything outside is dead due to the frigid temperatures. If you don’t want to share your space with insects and rodents, stay proactive. Here are 6 effective pest control tips that you must practice in winter to prevent these pests from infiltrating your house and starting a full-blown infestation. 

Patch Up Holes and Cracks

The best way to keep them out all year round is by patching up holes and cracks. They can even squeeze in a tiny slat beneath your doorway. Thus, you must do the following:

  • Put weather-strips on entryway doors

  • Seal gaps in windows

  • Patch up cracks or holes in walls, ceilings, and floors

  • Check the attic for issues

  • Screen vents

Clean Out Gutters

Pests look for a warm, cozy place to nest and breed during winter. If you’ve sealed up your home but have a lot of debris in your gutters, you are in danger. Things like leaves and sticks are attractive to pests so they may create their habitat there. It could up clogging your gutter and causing roofing issues. 

Pay Attention to Firewood Storage

Firewood outside contains a lot of moisture which attracts bugs like roaches, termites, and even ants. Make sure to store your firewood properly to avoid infestations that can result in property damage. Ideally, you should keep your firewood in a covered place. And make it a point to place them at least 20 feet away from your home’s foundation so that these bugs will not wreak havoc on your property.

Clean Up Plants

If you intend to bring your outdoor potted plants indoors for the winter, hose them down first. Giving them a quick clean ensures that you can get rid of all the pests like aphids that live in the plants. Pay attention to all plant parts, especially underneath the leaves. If you don’t, you will also bring these pests inside your house. 

Go On Crumb Control

The number one rule on pest prevention is controlling crumbs. When you don’t have scraps laying around, the pests have nothing to eat. Thus, you have to make sure you do the following:

  • Wipe counters

  • Sweep floors

  • Vacuum regularly

  • Clean couches and chairs

  • Keep leftovers properly

Rake Dead Leaves and Dispose

Piled-up dead leaves provide warmth that pests love. They can also serve as a great hiding place, which these creatures love to do. To ensure you keep these unwanted critters out, rake all the leaves from the yard and dispose of them properly.  If you experience pest issues in spite of these measures, get in touch with us at https://www.local-pest-control.site. Our professional team will inspect your home and eliminate the problem right away, so you can stay warm and comfy in your home without any worries. Please view service locations here: Beaverton, Bend, Gresham, Hillsboro, Medford, Portland, Springfield, Albuquerque, Las Cruces and Santa Fe.

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