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Sharing a home with guests is certainly delightful. However, when pests share the same space, your delight morphs into disgust. Roaches are unwelcome home visitors. When these critters crawl around your abode, touching utensils and countertops, they spread germs that make everyone sick. After all, they thrive in sewers and feed off your garbage and food scraps. 

Apart from that, roaches trigger allergies and asthma flareups for some people. They can also stain your clothes and contaminate food in your pantry. Thus, it is best to shoo them off with a solid roach control plan. Follow these six preventive tips to keep these annoying wannabe guests from moving in. 

Make Sure All Entryways Are Sealed

Roaches will try to invade your property all year round. When the weather is warm, they seek cooler hiding places like your damp basement. Meanwhile, when the weather turns freezing, they need a warm place to ride out the sub-zero temperatures. If you don’t want them around, seal everything. You can do the following:

  • Fill in cracks and gaps with caulk

  • Plug door crevices with weather strips

  • Pay attention to window gaps

  • Seal foundation breaks

The first rule to avoid infestation is to prevent them from finding a way in. Make this a priority because pest control treatments will only give temporary relief if you don’t nip the root cause. 

Perform Thorough Crumb Cleaning

Food scraps, even super tiny crumbs, serve as a huge temptation for roaches. Hence, you must stay vigilant when it comes to cleaning up after spills. Make it a point to sweep your kitchen and dining area a quick sweep or vacuum run-through. If you like eating in the family room, include couches and check what lies beneath. When you cut off their food source, roaches have no reason to enter your house. 

Pay Close Attention to the Kitchen

Keeping a clean kitchen is the most effective solution in keeping roaches at bay. Remember to do the following:

  • Use a sealed receptacle

  • Take out garbage daily

  • Do not leave dirty plates and cutlery in the sink

  • Wipe your counters

  • Mop the floors

Make sure your kitchen is spic and span before you sleep. Remember, roaches are nocturnal creatures, so they come creeping out at night when you’re not around. 

Make Sure All Food is Sealed

Most roaches can chew out thin plastic or cardboard, making all standard grocery packaging vulnerable. Thus, it would be best to store everything in sturdy, sealed containers. Doing this will prevent a roach infestation. 

Dry Damp Areas

Roaches love damp areas, so dry up excess moisture. Check your home for the following elements that attract these pests:

  • Leaky pipes

  • Drippy faucets

  • Damp basements

  • Behind toilets

Fix any leaks and use a dehumidifier for moist areas. Doing so will prevent these bugs from settling in your home. 

Take Out Clutter

Clutter is not just messy. All that junk is the perfect hiding spot for these shy creatures. For best results, fix your storage spaces and donate things that you don’t need. This gives you a bonus of freeing up more space. 

If you do these suggestions, you can keep your home roach-free. However, if you spot a roach or two, you can kill them off with store-bought targeted pesticides. You can also call a professional to ensure successful results. 

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