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Though earwigs are only 6 to 25mm long, they can be very unpleasant to encounter. They can pinch you with their forceps or pincers that protrude from their bellies. They also have wings, making it easy for them to search for prey which is smaller insects. Although they are not poisonous, these pincher bugs can still irritate your skin and carry germs.

Remember, earwigs live in the ground, so they can come in contact with bacteria and other harmful substances easily. If they graze your skin or touch an open wound, it can give you an infection. Though they are generally harmless to humans, spotting earwigs in your home is a sign that you’ve got other pests in your home. After all, they thrive on ants, termites, and other pegs. If you want to keep these pests out, you need to follow these effective earwig control tips. Let’s get started!

Reduce Moisture in Your Property

Earwigs love moisture. They thrive in damp environments, so watch out for leaks. If you want them gone from inside your home and yard, you must pay attention to details. Check your basement and under your sinks often. Make sure you fix any water leaks or other plumbing issues. On top of that, take out materials in your yard that hold moisture like:

  • Firewood stocks

  • Leaf piles

  • Construction materials

  • Boxes

If you cannot remove some items, find a way to keep them covered. You can also use fans or dehumidifying products to curtail moisture. Reducing a damp environment in and out of your home will go a long way in keeping earwigs away. They hate dryness the most, so they won’t feel welcome if you keep your property clean and dry.

Check for Gaps and Cracks

You must be vigilant in sealing up any gaps, holes, or cracks in your wall. Look both inside and outside your home. You can use liquid cement to seal holes. Similarly, a caulking gun will go a long way in patching up cracks. When you patch up gaps, you keep out earwigs and a whole lot of creepy crawlies out. Apart from that, don’t forget the following:

  • Check for gaps in doors

  • Ensure windows that don’t close tightly

  • Evaluate if there are cracks in the foundation

  • Look for holes in floors as well

  • Cover vents with no screens

  • Watch out for chimneys

Clean Your Place Often

If you clean often, you will prevent an earwig colony from growing. Professional exterminators say they are known to avoid and run away from vacuum cleaners, so doing this often will keep them at bay. On top of that, wipe down your kitchen counters and floors. Make sure your home trash bin is thrown out daily so it won’t attract pests.

Trim Foliage Regularly

To keep earwigs out, don’t forget to regularly trim shrubs and other plants in your yard. Make sure you mow your lawn frequently to disrupt the earwigs. Professionals suggest replacing mulch, which is consistently wet, with another dry material like pebbles or gravel.

Seek Professional Pest Control Treatments

Finally, you must seek professional pest control. Apart from treating an existing infestation, experts can help set up a preventive plan to keep pests away. If you have one in place, you can prevent colonies from growing and have peace of mind that you don’t share your home with pests.

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