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Everyone fears a scorpion with its long venomous tail that can whip you and make you sick. The venom contains neurotoxins that can paralyze, result in convulsions, or lead to shortness of breath. In addition, some scorpion types are lethal for humans. Thus, if you spot any of these pests loitering around your yard or inside your home, you need professional exterminators.

Scorpion infestations multiply quickly, and they are very slow to leave. So the key to your family’s comfort and safety is keeping them under control. Check out the following scorpion control tips to make sure they steer clear from your home.

Air Out and Dry Their Favorite Hiding Spots

Just like other pests, scorpions enjoy hiding in dark and moist environments. Hence, they love invading homes with water, food, and shelter. It may be hard to spot them because they are adept at hiding in shadows. If you want to make sure they don’t get cozy in your house, air out problematic spots regularly. Take note of the following:

  • Under the sink

  • Coat closets

  • Firewood stacks in and outside the home

  • Old cardboard boxes in attics and basements

Try Store-Bought Sticky Traps

The sticky traps you buy in hardware stores aren’t just effective for rodents. These glue traps are an effective and affordable method for getting your scorpion infestation under control. If you just have a few creepy crawlies in your home, you can catch them with this. However, a full-blow infestation needs professional intervention.

Cut Their Food Supply

Most living creatures will never stay in a place that doesn’t have food. Hence, to get them out of your house, cut off their food supply. Scorpions are predators that eat smaller bugs like:

  • Cockroaches

  • Crickets

  • Flies

  • Beetles

  • Spiders

Larger scorpions are even known to eat lizards and mice. If you don’t want scorpions in your home, cut off their food supply. Use diatomaceous earth or boric acid in your home’s perimeter to keep the other bugs out. At the same time, set out mouse and lizard traps to ensure scorpions don’t have access to prey.

Utilize a Black light to Actively Search Them

Scorpions are adept at hiding, so you may have a hard time spotting them. If you want to actively search for their hiding areas, use black light at night. Watch out for the famed scorpion glow. These bugs contain a unique compound that makes them luminous under black lights. From there, you can actively use store-bought insecticides to drive them out.

Call for Professional Assistance

Some pest control substances are reserved for professional use. This is for everyone’s safety because these pros are trained and licensed to handle these toxic substances. If you’ve got a serious infestation, you need professional help. From there, you can request a monthly spray around your home perimeter to prevent scorpions and other home invaders from coming to your house.

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