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When you spot accumulated wood dust or tiny pellet droppings under your sofa, this is a clear indicator that you have a termite infestation problem. You need professional termite control to prevent them from spreading all over your house. The worst-case scenario is the bugs feeding on your foundation, putting your home structure in jeopardy.

Since these pests live in colonies, it will be difficult to eradicate them without professional intervention. Hence, to prevent headaches and property damage, it is imperative to perform the following  measures to mitigate termite spread and assure successful treatment.

Remove Excess Moisture

Moisture attracts termites, so getting rid of it will prevent their spread. If you live in a very humid place, running a humidifier will help. During summertime, you can switch on the AC to maintain a cool ambient temperature. This move also wicks extra moisture in your indoor air.

Fix Obvious Leaks and Decay

Don’t let decaying walls or moisture-laden ceilings fester as they lure termites to start a feeding frenzy. Seal any leaks and replace whatever rotted material is there, especially in unfrequented corners and basements. You commonly overlook these areas, so they attract pests. Sadly, basements are primed for outbreaks because they are close to the ground, making it easy for termites to attack.

Conduct a Major Home Decluttering

If you want professional treatments to last for the long haul, you need to declutter. Take out useless papers, magazines, boxes, shelves, and the like. Hoarding unused stuff provides a breeding ground for termites to thrive. If one specific room has widespread infiltration, do not contaminate the rest of your home by leaving things there until the pros come.

Create a Barrier Between Wood and Soil

Make sure that there is a minimum of 18 inches of distance between wood and soil in your property. This deters potential termite attack on your home’s foundation and furniture. Utilize cement slabs or stones to create that distance from the wood. This works for patios, gardens, and driveways as you provide a physical barrier that prevents termites from crossing.

Spray Borate on Wood Prior to Painting

Borate is an effective termite repellent. Make sure you apply this chemical to the wood before painting. It will soak into the material, preventing future attacks. Once this wood dries up, you can paint it like untreated wood. This treatment is a worthwhile investment as it can successfully ward off termites for decades.

Make Sure Infected Items Bask Under the Sun

Usually, when you schedule for pest control, it may take some time. If you have existing termite damage on your furniture, wrap the thing in protective covering, and move it into your yard. Once outside, taking the covering off and place the item under sunlight for three days. Of course, this works well during summer when it is consistently hot. Termites cannot tolerate heat well, so when you leave infected materials under the glaring sun rays, the heat will dry them up. It is an effective method for killing termites and removing moisture. If termites infiltrate your home, call the pros for an immediate inspection. You need termite treatment before the problem escalates. After, maintain your home’s cleanliness and have bi-annual inspections and a preventive plan to deter reinfestation. Please view service locations here: Lancaster, Livermore, Lodi, Merced, Midland, Modesto, Moreno Valley, Mountain View, Murrieta, Napa and Newark.

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