In a home where water is almost always running, and sinks are working endlessly, it is only natural for plumbing elements to develop problems that will require the redemption of a plumber after a while. So, a little plumbing knowledge is valuable to reduce costs where possible.

The truth is, plumbing problems are usually inevitable. Knowing how to solve these problems, especially if the situation requires an emergency solution, is a good step. If you know the remedies to apply when an emergency arises, you can prevent severe damages before the plumber’s arrival. Some common problems that will require your intervention before the plumber arrives are explained below with easy DIY solutions.

Clogged Toilets

The toilet is one of the most important places in your house. And if the problem in your toilet isn’t solved quickly, chances are, these problems could escalate to a worse situation. That is, if your house doesn’t end up smelling like a refuse dump for a long time after the incident. Clogged toilets are the most common issues in many households, and they need to be solved as quickly as possible. To solve a clogged toilet before a plumber arrives to correct the underlying problems, you need a cup plunger. Insert the plunger into the toilet hole and push the rotor downward with force, pushing the plunger into the drain. It would help if you were overly cautious not to scratch the toilet bowl or drain.

Leaky Seals and Faucets

Though the issues with leaky seals are easier to correct, this problem causes flooding in your toilet as water seeps out at every chance it gets. Leaky seals can be dealt with by tightening the seals or replacing them with a new seal. However, if the leak in your toilet is caused by a broken flange, dialing us immediately will save you unnecessary labor.

Weak Flushes

Weak flushes happen due to clogged holes beneath the toilet bowl. Using a thin wire to poke at these holes to loosen the blocking debris at the bottom of the drain will go a long way. If, after doing this, the toilet still flushes slowly, you’ll need the help of a professional plumber as soon as possible.

Faulty Heaters

The bulk of your money will run out on heating water for baths if your heater goes faulty. A faulty water heater can make your electricity bill skyrocket in a few days and it will keep going in that direction if you don’t recognize the fault of your heater. The worst part is, your heater can be permanently damaged if this is not sorted out soon.

A lot of times, solving issues with a faulty heater can be as simple as swiping the switch on the heater to ‘pilot mode’ written on the heater. If tuning the controller to pilot mode isn’t effective, calling aplumber right away will go a long way to prevent further damage to your water heater.


A sudden gush of water in a house is one of the most commonly experienced plumbing issues everywhere in the world. This problem cannot be solved by any DIY means since only you cannot easily rectify the underlying causes of this problem. Getting the help of an expert plumber is necessary on this one. In the meantime, you can curb the severity of the impact of the flood by firmly tying pipes if there is a leak or cleaning up the spilled water before the plumber arrives to deal with the cause(s). This act can save your household from accidents and your equipment as well.

On the bright side, we have a team of ever-ready experts in plumbing to attend immediately to your emergencies when any arises. Are you in Providence, Rochester, Pittsburgh, Hartford, Gardner, or around these places? Call or message us straightaway to get plumbing services at an affordable rate. Please view service locations here: Bronx, Flushing, Schenectady, Rochester, New York, Levittown, Binghamton.

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