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A faulty heater doesn’t mean it is close to the end of its life. Contrary to the information you may have heard about water heaters, heaters don’t get spoilt as quickly as everyone would think. Suppose a heater develops a fault or if there seems to be a problem while it’s heating, getting an expert plumber around you to repair the heater may just be the solution. However, the same might not be for all heaters. In many cases, replacing your water heater with a new and durable one is the best solution.

Simply installing a water heater isn’t too much of a difficult task, especially if you have prior knowledge of the art of plumbing. Even with that, I would confess that installing a water heater requires a lot. If you still desire to go on this little adventure, let’s get going.

Installing an Electric Water Heater

Installing a water heater that uses electricity is easy when compared to its gas counterpart. The thing is, fixing the electric water heater can prove costlier than it should be as you would not want to be electrocuted while fixing the heater. To avoid this, cautiously follow the steps below without missing any.

The first thing you should do is to turn off the electricity linking your old water heater if you are replacing it with a new one. Preventing every incidence of shocks should be your priority. Confirm to make sure every electricity connection is turned off.

The second step is to drain the water tank. Hoses or buckets would work perfectly here. After draining the tank empty, detach the wires connecting to the main electricity outlet. Label appropriately to the ports where they were removed from. Remove the supplying pipes and cut the lines at even lengths. Then, get rid of the water tank and put in a new one the same way you removed the older heater. Remember to connect wires to their appropriate ports. Eliminate dead cables and ensure that everything is fixed correctly before joining the new heater to the electricity port. Fill the new tank with water BEFORE you turn on the heater. If set correctly, the heater will work perfectly.

Installing a new electric heater is different and involves more than replacing it with an old one. To fix a new heater, getting the help of a skilled plumber to bring your new heater to life in perfect condition is your best bet.

Installing a Gas Heater

To fix a gas heater is very technical, and it demands a kind of mastery and understanding that DIY steps just don’t cover. Also, setting up a gas heater requires you to strictly follow the manufacturer’s guide, as different water heaters brands come with diverse setting up steps.

To provide years of safe and hitch-free operation of the gas heater, only experts should fix this kind of heaters.

Installing a water heater needs tender care and supervision, as things could go haywire in a minute if not done right. Worse is, you can get injured or electrocuted when doing it yourself without supervision from an expert plumber.

Gladly, we have plumbing specialists at your beck and call when you need help fixing a water heater. If you are in Providence, Rochester, Pittsburgh, Hartford, Gardner, Syracuse, or around these locations,  Call or message us now to get plumbing services at the most affordable rate.

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