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Having your dishwasher breakdown or malfunction can be a big deal and cause some discomfort at home. Dishwashers are machines that we use to clean dishes and cutleries automatically to save us the stress of manually doing it.

Like every other machine that eases human effort, dishwashers can breakdown and develop some fault at some point in time. There are numerous faults your dishwasher could develop, and while some of them can be solved by replacing some parts or fixing them, other more severe defects will require that you get a new dishwasher.

This article will identify a few common faults your dishwasher could develop to hinder its overall performance and how these faults can be solved.

Common Faults

Common dishwasher faults could range from minor to major ones. Depending on the extent, you will either need the services of professional plumbers to fix or replace it.

 Some of the most common faults include:

Leaky Dishwasher

This is probably the most everyday dishwasher problem, and the good news is that it is easy to identify. Leaks occur due to several reasons, and the leaks can make a mess of your kitchen. Common causes of dishwasher leaks include;

  • Improper pipe connection: If the pipes at the back of your machine are not securely fixed or if they are worn out, it can cause leaks.

  • Improper dish stacking: Always ensure that you do not over stack the tray and that you arrange the dishes properly

  • Too much detergent: Putting more than enough detergent could also cause a leak. Ensure that you put just enough for your dishes and not more.

  • Rust: It could also be a result of some rust or corrosion of your machine. In this case, it is better to replace the dishwasher.

  • Door Seals: Check if the door seals are still intact and securely fastened. If the seals are not in position, it could be a significant cause of leaks.

Bad-Smelling Dishwasher

This is another common dishwasher problem, and it is mainly caused by food debris or grease lingering in the machine. In this case, look for these particles, take them out and do the dishes without any dishes inside the machine. Wash the filter thoroughly. That will help get rid of the bad smell. Ensure that you remove every food particle from your dishes before transferring it to the machine in the future.

Inability to Drain

Sometimes you may notice a large amount of water left in your tub after a wash. That is probably a drainage problem. You can either check the drain hose for damages or blockages. When in doubt, contact a professional to have it checked and fixed.

Does not clean properly

If your dishes and cutleries come out of the dishwasher and still look dirty or unclean, your spray arms may be a problem. In many cases, the spray arms can get clogged, and it will require a quick clean or a replacement to work effectively again.


Some of these common dishwasher faults can be fixed easily at home, but in some cases, the faults could be enormous and may require the attention of professionals. If you live in Rochester, Syracuse, and other parts of America, let the professionals properly diagnose what could be wrong with your dishwasher and proffer a solution.

We also install dishwashers if you just bought a new one or intend to replace your own. With our many years of experience in the industry, we are sure to give you the best possible services.

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