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Personally, few things irritate me more than a blocked sink drain. And getting rid of it is just as stressful as it is disgusting to see.

Clogged drains usually occur from built-up residue or waste stuck in your drain pipe, which can cause more extensive damages and issues if not solved immediately. Hence, we advise prevention.

Prevention, as well know, is the best solution to all problems. So, here’s a list of 5 ways to prevent blocked sink drain below to keep your sink in good working order. To avoid a clogged sink, try to use these compiled prevention methods regularly.

Depending on the sink of the rooms in your home, how frequently they are used, and what they are used for, the causes of the blocked drains might be different and have more tendency to get clogged more often than others do, i.e., kitchen sinks. Let’s take a look at how to avoid blocked sink drains in our homes.

Avoid disposing of food particles in your sink

While these tiny particles might seem harmless enough, one of the most common causes of sink blockage is food particles. Food particles can build up over time, form clumps, and clog your sinks. Some food items compared to others have an even higher risk of causing a blocked sink drain, i.e., eggshells, coffee ground, etc., so we suggest keeping them far away from your kitchen sinks.

Proper disposals of cooking oils and grease

Grease and oils cause a blockage in our sinks due to their ability to stick to pipes and build up over time. To avoid this, dispose of your cooking oil by either scrapping it thoroughly and transferring it to a disposable plastic for disposal or wiping it with a paper towel if little and dispose of the paper towel rather than disposing of it down the drain.

Always use drain covers

Regardless of the location of the sinks or drains in your home, always ensure you make use of a drain cover or filters to avoid hair and other particles from going down the drain. Also, it is essential to frequently clean the drain covers when particles begin to buildup on them to avoid a clogged sink.

Clean your sink regularly

There’s nothing better than regular cleaning to avoid getting a blocked drain. Ensure cleaning your sink regularly, scrape dirt and pour hot water down the drain during your routine cleaning to wash off debris that might be building up before it clogs the pipes.

Do regular pipe checkups

Despite all of the methods that we have listed above, we still strongly recommend inviting a professional to do a regular checkup once every two years on your pipes and drains. We understand that, unlike the other ways listed above, this might cost you. However, it is essential to note that a routine check by a professional will help you detect drainage issues that might not be visible to you but will be evident to a skilled pro.

A regular checkup will also help you to avoid spending a lot on repairs or replacements in the long run. To get your home pipe checkups done, you can get in touch with plumbing experts in Pittsburgh, Providence, Rochester, and its environment today to get a professional investigation done.

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