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The average homeowner needs to replace his or her water heater every eight to twelve years. Water heaters are bulky, heavy, and complicated to install. While it is possible to install a water heater on your own, we strongly advise against it. Cities have codes, and breaking codes could lead to hazards. A plumber will not only know the code but also mitigate dangers during the installation process and solve issues that arise while installing the water heater. Keep reading to learn why you should hire a plumber to help you install your new water heater.

Water Heaters Need to be Installed to Code

Each state has a different code when it comes to installing water heaters. A local plumber is your best resource to help you install the water heater to code. Going against local or state water heater codes can lead to heavy fines. In some cases, violating local code can even void your manufacturer’s warranty, meaning you’re out of a water heater if something breaks. Lastly, codes are there for a reason – they ensure the safety of the home’s occupants. Violating the code could lead to potential hazards. For example, the Government of Western Australia recently reminded residents to maintain their water heaters after a water heater explosion.

The Installation Process Can Be Dangerous

Installing a water heater without a professional plumber is not a DIY project. Water heaters are expensive and complicated to install. There are so many things that could go wrong during a water installation temperature, including setting it at the wrong temperature. If you erroneously set the water heater below 115 degrees, harmful bacteria can grow in the water. Moreover, the sources of ignition should be examined while installing the water heater. Dirty or degraded ignition sources can lead to water heater fires.

You Need Expert Knowledge

You can’t simply read an instruction manual and figure out all the steps to installing a water heater. There are several components to a water heater – a cold pipe, overflow tube, sediment trap, vent hood, and more. A skilled plumber understands each of these components, which is the knowledge that the average homeowner does not have. As mentioned above, installing a water heater incorrectly can void the warranty, which is much costlier than the price to have a licensed plumber install your water heater.

Plumbers Can Solve Problems That Arise During the Installation

You have already taken the first step to replace your water heater. A plumber can not only solve problems that arise during the installation but can also look for warning signs of underlying issues. A few things the plumber will look for include strange noises, low water pressure, leaks, discolored water, and an inconsistent water temperature coming out of the sink and shower. These are all warning signs that perhaps the new water heater will not work for your house or that there is an underlying issue with the plumbing system. A homeowner without experience installing water heaters will not catch these potential issues that can be costly and dangerous.

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