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Cleaning a drain is not fun by any means, but it is an important part of being a homeowner or renter. When you clean your bathroom drains every month, you can prevent clogs, avoid bad odors, and identify underlying issues that could lead to expensive repair costs. Cleaning a drain is easy, and only takes ten minutes with a snake and drain cleaner. While there is nothing wrong with cleaning your bathroom drains yourself, we recommend that you have a plumber clean all of the drains in your house every couple of months. Here is an in-depth look at why you should clean your bathroom drains every month:

1. Prevent Clogs

One of the most obvious reasons for cleaning your bathroom drains every month is to prevent clogs. A lot more goes down the drain than you would think – skin flakes, eyelashes, dirt, and hair. All of these particles accumulate and eventually cause clogs. Even a minor clog can make your sink or shower virtually unusable. When you clean your drains regularly, you will not end up with deep clogs that require strong chemicals and professional equipment. While you can clean your bathroom drains on your own, we recommend that you call a plumber to professionally clean your drains a few times per year.

2. Avoid Bad Odors

There is nothing more embarrassing than a foul-smelling bathroom. Blocked drains can cause bacteria to build up, resulting in pungent odors. A professional plumber can not only unclog your drain but also deodorize it. You can pour hot water and bleach down the drain to get rid of some of the bad smells, but that is only a temporary fix.

3. Identify Underlying Issues

When you clean your drain once a month, you can identify underlying issues before they become serious problems. For example, if you notice debris coming out of your bathroom drains with a snake cleaner, they could be corroding. Any atypical items coming out of a drain should raise concerns. If it is not just the normal hair and gunk, you should contact a plumber to see if your bathroom drains need to be repaired.  

4. Faster Draining

Do you hate the feeling of standing in a couple of inches of water in the shower? A slow-draining sink or shower is a good sign that you need to clean the pipes. When you clean your drains monthly, you should never have to worry about slow-draining sinks or showers. Not only that, but faster-draining pipes help keep your sink and shower cleaner.

5. Prevent Extensive Damage

As mentioned, regularly cleaning your bathroom drains can help identify underlying issues that are more serious than a sink clogged with hair. The average cost to repair a drain line is $696, which is much more expensive than the mere $10 it takes to clean your drains monthly. Serious clogs can damage your entire plumbing system and even have an impact on the public systems and the quality of water.

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