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Problems with the sewer line have been very troubling for house owners. Coupled with the unpleasant smell and stress of clearing the mess from leaking sewage pipes, the cost of repair is also I the high side. While clogging might be easily detective, there are some other problems like leakage that are more difficult to detect and costly to be repaired. Sewer line pipes can suffer wear and tear and logging which leads them to burst open. Let’s consider some of the causes of sewer line damage.

Clogged pipes

The sewage system cannot handle content that will not easily degrade. Flushing things Iike nylon and paper towels down the drain over time can lead to your sewage line being clogged. Oil and grease can also clog your sewage line which is why they should be discarded in a container rather than down the drain.

Cracked Pipes

Pressure from the surroundings can cause sewer line pipes to crack. Tree roots can wrap around sewer lines and weaken or even crack the pipes leading to leakage. Sewer lines in older homes are more prone to this kind of damage.

Corroded Pipes

Calcium and magnesium build up over time can make sewage pipes corrode. The corrosion if left unattended to can cause cracks and leaks in the long run.

How to Know If Your Sewer Line Needs Repair

It is important to watch out for signs that point to damage in your sewer line so that they can be addressed on time. Pooling and foul-smelling puddles in your yard even when it doesn’t rain point to some drainage damage. Sometimes, you may be able to perceive the sewage without seeing it as the foul smell oozes out of the soil. Also, a blockage anywhere points to clogging of the sewer lines. Sometimes, the toilet makes rumbling noises and you need more than one flush to clear it. The appearance of mould or cracks on the wall also points to some level of drainage or sewer line problem and this must be addressed quickly.

Sewer Line Repair or Replacement

Depending on the extent of damage your sewer line might require repairs or replacement of some parts that are not acting up to par. A sewer line evaluation should be done with a drainage camera to determine the extent of the damage. For minor damage, pipe lining is an excellent repair option; cost-effective and non-time consuming. Trenchless sewer line repair is also an option. For more serious conditions, the traditional method of digging and excavation might be needed to change the entire sewer line. This is an invasive method that is both costly and time-consuming. To prevent sewer line damage from occurring and dragging in long enough before being detected, have sewer line inspections conducted every year and ensure that only materials that will degrade are flushed down the drain. Proper use of your sewage system will extend its lifespan. Also, remove trees that are causing damage or likely to cause damage to your sewer line from the premises. Please view service locations here: Beaumont, College Station, Odessa, Allen, Austin, Dallas, Denton, Frisco.

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