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6 Convincing Reasons Why Trenchless Pipelining is the Best for Backed up Sewers and Clogged Main Sewer Lines

When you’ve got backed-up sewers and clogged main sewer lines, it can wreak havoc on your property and leave it with a foul stench. Worst of all, it is a major health hazard. Fortunately, trenchless pipelining can come to your rescue as this sewer repair method is non-invasive and highly efficient. Unlike the god old days where plumbers had to dig massive holes to find the problem, they now leverage technology. 

Today’s certified plumbers dig tiny holes on the ground for a camera inspection to find the sewer line issues. After, they insert a thin epoxy-reliner, which is cured in place, leaving a new pipe within the old pipe. Choosing the right repair method is key for a successful sewer repair project. Check out the benefits of trenchless sewer pipelining below:

 1.MinimizesExtensive Damage to Property

Conventional sewer repair plumbing techniques required massive digs that destroyed garages, gardens, basement flooring, and maybe even walls. That’s a lot of collateral damage, which you have to fix later. However, the trenchless method only digs a small hole, leaving your property intact. 

 2.Provides Better Value for Money

Though trenchless repairs will cost you, it does save you money in the long run. Remember, without destruction to property; you don’t have to pay for restoration. Besides, the convenience and comfort this gives your family is priceless. Most of all, this approach uses less crewmen, so expect lesser labor charges. 

 3.Assures Durable Results

Since the epoxy liner acts as a new pipe, you can count on longevity. These cutting-edge reliners don’t rust, so that’s also better durability. When installed in your home, this new cured pipe could last for about 50 years, giving you complete peace of mind. 

 4.Results in Quick Repairs and Turnaround

The old method resulted in a lot of downtimes, which is convenient for the household. When the plumber digs, the placement of tree roots, utility lines, and other foundation structures equates to changing plans and delays. However, trenchless repairs results in swift turnaround. Simple line cracks can even be completed within the day.  

5.Creates Fewer Messes

When digging is involved, expect dust, concrete debris, and even dirty soil to fly everywhere. Your home will turn into a messy construction zone that’s a sight for sore eyes. In contrast, the modern method assures your home remains in pristine condition. 

6.Equates to Less Discomfort

When plumbers have to dig through driveways to underground lines, it will lead to chaos. Usually, jackhammers and other tools are involved. Their noisy racket will irritate your family and neighbors. Worst of all, the flying dust can trigger allergies, asthma, sinusitis, eye infections, and even skin irritation. If you don’t want to deal with any of this, trenchless pipelining is the answer.

Find the Best Plumber in the Area

If you suspect a main sewer line problem, call a professional plumber right away. Though there may be many plumbing services near you, remember they are not created equal. For best results, find a reputable company that has a certification in trenchless sewer pipe repairs. We service several cities in South Dakota and California.Please see service locations: Sioux Falls, Burbank, Chula Vista, El Cajon, Elk Grove, Fairfield, Fontana, Fullerton, Huntington Beach.

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